We want to learn about you, what makes your company and your team unique. What health and financial goals are most important? What has worked for you in the past and what can we improve for you? We then bring you quotes for programs suited for you and your employees.


Between deductibles, coinsurance, and ancillary plans there are many components to the right benefit program for your team. We know the choice is more than just the monthly cost. We help translate the details to help you make the best choice for the needs of your team. 


Enrollment is a team effort! We work with you and your employees, with the carrier to get everyone set up with the plan they choose. We then educate and advocate for your employees to know how best to utilize their coverage.


Throughout the year we stay in touch. As your company thrives and grows we are preparing for renewal. With Membership Level Service, our goal is to continue to provide solutions aimed at balancing healthcare coverage and financial savings.

What we have to offer

You want healthy employees. It is good for them and good for your business. We partner with many carriers and service providers to create custom benefit programs to design programs that truly benefit your employees’ overall health and wellness while reducing out-of-pocket costs. As the cost of health care continues to rise it can be a financial burden. Our solutions go beyond the policy and integrate creative, cost-effective products and services to benefit you and your team.

Health Plans

Wellness Services

Voluntary Benefits


Are you in the middle of your plan year but still want Membership Level Service? Do you have questions now to prepare for change and growth? 

You can keep your current benefit plan and partner with us as your resource while we work for you, creating the benefits program that best fits your company’s goals.