About Pete

Pete is a 4’ tall Emperor Penguin who enjoys long walks and fresh sushi. He’s a professional swimmer and a real catch. Pete’s passions include service to his community, black-tie events and his impressive pebble collection.

Upon auditioning for the role as Ambassador for Membership.com, Pete was quickly selected as Penguins are known to be social and community-driven. Most everything they do is done in groups for the good of all.

At Membership.com Pete has found the place he can use his passion for community and service to help more businesses provide affordable benefits that employees love.

Did you know?

Emperor penguins live in Antarctica (AKA the South Pole), which is the coldest and most inhospitable place on earth. Each year, the penguins travel up to 70 miles from the ocean to their breeding grounds. No individual penguin knows how to reach the destination, but they work together to get there. You have likely seen images of endless penguins walking in line. The penguin who knows the way leads the waddle until the end of his knowledge. The penguin who knows the next part of the journey then steps up to lead the way until he too no longer knows the way. Then another penguin steps up to lead until the group has made it to the breeding grounds.